In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

The lost city of Irem, the people of Aad!

" Hast thou not see how thy Lord dealt with Aad - The tribe of Irem, possessors of lofty buildings. " 89:6-7

Until recently, the city of fabulous wealth, called Irem "Ubar" was considered a legend. Clearly, the Quran mentions the city of Irem and its inhabitants, the "people of Aad." The Quran says: " Irem, the many-towered city whose like has not been built in the entire land." Also, the Quran states clearly that Prophet "Hood" was sent to the "people of Aad" to convey Allah’s message and guidance.

The "people of Aad" were wicked and refused Allah’s guidance. Their destruction was due to severe wind that lasted 7 nights and 8 days without stop. Eventually and over the time, the lavish and strong city was submerged in the desert sand, until 1991 when Mr. Nick Clapp and George Hedges discovered the site of the city of Irem in the southern Arabian Desert, in Oman. Both gents had discovered the routes leading to the city as well as the foundation of 8 towers, each perhaps 30 feet high, and also they discovered a lofty citadel, probably the king’s quarters.

NASA’s space pictures clearly show the rocky layer "foundation" the city was built upon. "Irem ‘Ubar’ was an important stop on the incense trade route," said Mr. Hedges. Since Irem "Ubar" was the center of the incense trade route, the search started in South Arabia where incense trees grow best. With help of NASA’s space shuttle, pictures were taken from space that show camel roads.

They took space pictures to look under the sand. When they were looking at the picture they noticed caravan roads all leading to one large sand dune in the middle of the Empty Quarter in South Arabia. They finally reached the excavation site. It took them almost three weeks to excavate the whole sand dune, and sure enough there was the lost city of Irem "Ubar."

Click on the following link for NASA's sapce pictures of the city of Irem "Ubar." Gallery of Irem's "Ubar" pictures!

What a great discovery and what a great evidence and undisputed proof of Mohammad’s divine Message from the Almighty, Allah (swt).

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