In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

The declaration of a Palestinian State!

For some time now I have been monitoring the news surrounding Mr. Arafat. Yasser Arafat, the self-claimed Palestinian president, is not slowing down from visiting Arab countries motivating them to support his intentions in the declaration of a Palestinian State. Just recently, Arafat visited Egypt, his birth country, and mingled with Mubarak in this regard.

Arafat and his gang have a mind so damaged that it produces in the owner, a gross distortion of both self and external reality leading to the production and dissemination of grotesquely bizarre untenable ideas that they are the legal authority and voice for Palestinians!

It’s obvious that all Arabs & Muslims want an independent Palestinian State that would decently and fairly manage of all Palestinian affairs and voice out their identity and their dignity that had been stripped away from them early this century. But I don’t think Arafat is competent and patriot enough to be considered a Palestinian to begin with!

After Arafat and his deranged-minded clan have relocated to Gaza and established the so called "Palestinian Authority," the first thing they’ve done was cracking down on innocent citizens in order to delight Israel and be on their good side. Numerous atrocities and vicious incidents had happen and still happening under the Arafat regime. Not to forget, the corruption and waste of Palestinian money donated by the world that’s supposedly to assist the welfare of Palestinians. Arafat is no different than any other rusted Royal Sheik whose intention is to live in style while the poor live in the gutter.

Enough said about Arafat and his gang, but if a Palestinian State needs to be declared then the people of Palestine need to elect the Head of State and all applicable officials.

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