In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

I’m not attending church anymore, cause I’m broke!

For a while now, I’ve been noticing the rising number of churches invading my subdivision. As a matter of fact, there are more than ten different Christian churches in less than or within two miles radius!

Are people genuinely finding God (swt) or what’s the deal?

Amongst those ten churches or more, you’ll find: Baptists, Lutherans, Baptists, Catholics, Baptists and more Baptists. To be fair, there are also small number of different churches – which I’ve never ever heard of - scattered around shopping plazas crowding up parking lots and creating intolerable noise that forced neighboring shopping stores to call police on too many occasions.

But my interest is really towards the stand alone – big – churches that attract great number of people, with one problem though, they are racially biased! For instance, blacks are ONLY attending Baptist churches! I have not seen a single white person attending or even driving out the church’s parking lot as long as I lived in my subdivision, close to seven years. Mexicans or Hispanics are ONLY attending the Catholic Churches. The Lutheran church seemed to attract white people. Thank God I have not seen any Protestant churches nearby, otherwise there could’ve been ….you know, what’s happening in England!

My real issue is focused on four things that irritate the heck out of me every time Sunday services commenced! Firstly, the loud noise in and around the Christian church! Secondly, the provocative dress code many people adhere to! Thirdly, the unbelievable absence of people manners soon they depart the church. Fourthly, the lavish automobiles driven by church staff and his royal Excellency, the gracious priest or evangelist!

It really bothers me to see priests dressed up in fancy clothes and driving latest models of Mercedes Benz [class C], and yet going after people’s wallet who are literally living off government welfare. I’ll bet, the black Mercedes driven by the priest is a tax write-off! Not to end here, butt I was informed those priests live in mansions that cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, the priests in my neighborhood look like businessmen with nice suits & matching ties. Packing two or three pagers around their belts and couple of cellular phones. I noticed laptop cases traveling with the priest. I said to myself, " this must be a hi-tech religion and he needs to be in touch!"

Let’s get serious now, it’s very sad and immoral to steal people’s heart and money using God’s name! If you really want to preach the word of God and want people to find the grace of God, then please do it in less expensive means and try to exhibit some ethics along with it. The population is growing and the society is expanding tremendously and more peoples seeking the temples of God for sense of relief and tranquillity in this merciless life. Please, give them a break or for that matter, maybe some discount!

Please look for next article titled: "The funeral crisis in the Christian world."

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