In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Sad history in the United Arab Emirates!

I was astonished, shocked, astounded and deeply hurt to learn about the immoral life-style embraced by the government and citizens in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates!!

I’ve never thought that one day Arabs would fall into Satan traps and become the role model for disgrace and perverse behavior!

Recently, a trusted friend of mine came back from the city of Dubai located in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. My friend was obviously stunned for the fact that Dubai is considered the Whore-House of the Middle-East! And we are not talking about Foreign Whores & Prostitutes, but rather native Arab men and women from different countries selling their valued ethics & religious principles for few Dirhams!

Before I go further, let me outline some facts about Abu-Dhabi in an attempt to envision the rational behind such unethical and depraved demeanor.

There is close to three million people living in the United Arab Emirates. 19% are original Emirians, 23% other Arabs – named Wafidoon -, 8% are Westerners, and 50% are South Asians, majority are Indians. The country is flooded with foreign nationals resulted in unpredictable race mixture amongst the citizens.

Hookers and pimps are scattered throughout the city of Dubai tempting customers for SEX. Hookers are targeting people at hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and even street side-walks. Unfortunately, they are committing such heinous acts right in front of the eyes of the local police. In fact, uniformed police officers are protecting the hookers and going after decent citizens who voiced their protest against such satanic deeds.

What a shame for people who claim of being Muslims!!!!

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