In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Religion and Morality!

The Prophet of Islam, Mohammed (pbuh) said: "I was sent to complete the ideal ethics."

Part of the prophetic mission, is to establish a solid foundation for decent & modest ethical behavior amongst the society. A religion or a doctrine that does not exhibit moral ethics & virtue is considered worthless. Faith by itself does not count, nor does it benefit people and their society. Faith and moral ethics [moral principles, conduct, and decency] go simultaneously. Consequently, if people decided not to adhere to such ethics & virtues, then theyíll be accountable for their actions.

I surf the Internet [religious & news sites] almost daily, and tend to contemplate the articles often preach about other religions [mostly Christianity], and/or the articles that slander Islam. Sometimes, I wonder about the real motivation behind such worthless articles, since they serve nothing but aggression toward Islam. Furthermore, most of these articles are considered -hate articles without substance.

The majority of these articles are written and prepared by biased Christians [bigots] who are well educated but blind-hearted. They criticize Islam for irrelevant issues, yet the Christian society is going through turmoil. The Christian society is extremely infested with: pornography, rape, murder, theft, fraud, sexual abuse by the Church, profanity, drunken-teenage [generation-x], drugs, etc. One might argue, "But this is happening in all societies under different religions!" So whatís the big Deal? Maybe itís happening in different societies under different religions, but Christianity sticks out like a sore thumb, since it promotes such evil deeds to begin with. In fact, some Porn [X-rated] sites are promoting their services using versus from the bible!!!!!!

Word for the wise, if Christians try to get smart with you and/or want to criticize Islam for any reason on any subject, just ask them:

  1. Whatís Christianity doing toward Churchís sexual abuse against women & altar boys?
  2. Whatís Christianity doing toward alcoholism, rape, drugs, pornography, etc.?
  3. Whatís Christianity doing toward the filthy-rich priests and their lucrative moneymaking business called the "Church"?
  4. Whatís Christianity doing toward the increase number of abortion, divorce, and out-of-wedlock kids?
  5. Whatís Christianity doing toward the increase number and the destructive lifestyle of the gays & lesbians?
  6. What's Christianity doing toward teen-aged girls getting rid of their newborns in the city dumpster?

Itís very sad and tragic that Christians criticize Muslims on irrelevant issues: the way we dress, eat, and sleep. But when it comes to the real agenda, the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, they become mute! The Christian Dogma is in total chaos! Please have a look at this page: More about Christianity.

In conclusion, Christianity does not promote moral ethics amongst its followers! Youíre in good shape [saved] regardless if you commit murder, rape, theft, vandalism, or use profanity and live on porno materials, as long as you believe in Jesus as your savior. Such myth is considered the "grace of God." But in my perspective and sorry for being blunt, the whole thing is out-of-whack and is totally illogical and incomprehensible [nonsense]! We just can not afford to destroy societies and abuse the heck out of people based on "grace of God!"

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