The truth about Mohammad's Revelation

"" And the mountains as pegs ? "" 78:7

"" HE has created the heavens without any pillars that you can see, and HE has placed in the earth firm mountains that it may not quake with you, and HE has spread therein all kinds of creatures; and WE have sent down water from the clouds, and have caused to grow therein of every fine species. "" 31:10

How did Mohammad (pbuh) know about the 20th century scientific fact regarding the mountains? Scientists have discovered that mountains play a big role in keeping Earth well balanced.

"" Those who disbelieve in Our Signs, We shall soon cause them to enter Fire. As often as their skins are burnt up, WE shall give them in exchange other skins that they may continue to taste the punishment. Surely, ALLAH is Mighty and Wise. "" 4:56

How did Mohammad (pbuh) know about the 20th century Medical fact known as " Nerve System"? Doctors have discovered that the Nerve System resides in the Skin.

"" And among HIS signs is the creation of the Heavens and the earth, and of whatever living creatures HE has spread forth in both. And HE has the power to gather them together whenever HE pleases. "" 42:29

How did Mohammad (pbuh) know about the 20th century Notion that life could possibly exist on other planets? Why would Mohammad (pbuh) even bring up such subject?

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