In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Bilaad Al-Hijaz," the Muslims' land, not Saud's!

If Saudi Arabia would to be someone's possession, then the honor should be extended to the great prophet of Islam, Mohammed (pbuh). But, since the Prophet (pbuh) died leaving behind nothing but the great message and guidance from Allah (swt), his homeland "Al-Hijaz" was, is, and will be every Muslim's possession. This fact will never change!

Through oil, the Saudi Royal Family has built an empire worth $100 billion traceable to Swiss bank accounts and investments such as the famed BCCI, OK Petroleum in Sweden, and WorldSpace, Inc. in Washington D.C. (Al-Mahfouz Family, the accountants and financiers of Fahd were indicted in the BCCI scandal). With oil money they have indirectly allowed commissions and sale of lands to supplement and pilfer further the Government coffers.

Early on, King Fahd devised a diabolic scheme that would pilfer the country's resources in an organized way. The scheme is based on dividing the spoils into two distinct areas: Industry and Geography. Certain Princes controlled certain industries and certain Princes controlled certain geography. At the end of all this planning, this is what we know today of the Al-Saud operations.

Fahd bin Abdul Aziz: Since 1975 has skimmed $45 Billion by diverting up to 1,000,000 barrels a day to be sold in the open markets and by kickbacks on large construction projects using such companies as "Saudi Oger" owned by Rafic al-Hariri, prime minister of Lebanon.

Mohammed bin Fahd: Since 1975 has skimmed $5 Billion with telecommunications projects and selling oil in the open markets (Like father, like son). He is the owner of "Al-Bilad Trading Company" that won with Bell Canada and Phillips of Holland the contract to build the telephone system in Saudi Arabia. Every time a Saudi lifts his phone, he adds to the wealth of Mohammed bin Fahd.

Faisal bin Fahd: Since 1975 has skimmed $5 Billion by smuggling drugs, establish prostitution in Saudi Arabia and kickbacks on contracts for the National Sports Programs. He built stadiums that could accommodate more people than ever seen by any one event in Saudi Arabia so that he could loot a larger amount had he built reasonably sized stadiums. Drug money entering the country is totally controlled and sanctioned by him.

Abdul Aziz bin Fahd: Since his birth, his father King Fahd has stashed away hundreds of millions of Dollars. His uncles, the Ibrahim brothers, have invested the money, and recently his father has transferred $10 billion to his personal account in Switzerland. Estimated net worth at $15 billion.

Sultan bin Abdul Aziz: Since 1975 has stolen $35 Billion by getting kickbacks on huge arms deals and stealing lands from the government. Not one bullet entered Saudi Arabia without Sultan having been paid a commission on.

Bandar bin Sultan: Since 1989 has stolen $2 Billion first through appropriation of 100,000 barrel of oil a day and then in 1991 through kickbacks on "Al-Yamamah British Tornado project."

Khaled bin sultan: Since 1982 has stolen $4 billion the last two billion of which came from profits in the "Desert Storm War" by providing every meal and every drop of water to the 800,000 troops fighting in the war. One man's grief is other man's joy!

Naef bin Abdul Aziz: Since 1975 has stolen $8 Billion through kickbacks on national security and electronic surveillance projects. The Ministry of Interior budget and his own fortune are commingled together.

Saud bin Naef: Since 1975 has stolen $5 Billion through government contracts in computers and general services. His largest contract was with "Computer Sciences Corporation" of Falls Church, Virginia to furnish all Ministry of Interior computer systems in Saudi Arabia.

Salman bin Abdul Aziz: Since 1975 has stolen $10 Billion through shady land deals and kickbacks on real estate projects. He, with Sultan, are masters at taking government property for free and selling it back to the government, sometimes a one day transaction.

Unfortunately, I just wish all we can do at this point - that one of these "Saudi Royals" would feel just a small bit of courage and dignity, and allocate or even donate some of his wealth to clean-up Mecca and improve the Hajj conditions. I will not elaborate on the poor conditions in Mecca, but I have heard many negative comments on the extreme pathetic conditions plagued the city of Mecca. Such comments touch upon, poor sanitation practices, poor food conditions, poor planning, and most importantly, the unbelievable "nerve-racking" delays everywhere during the "Hajj."

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