In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

The Internet, use and abuse!

Last Saturday, May 29th, 1999, the Emirateís Islamic TV program "al-Muntada" with sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, touched upon the subject of the "Internet use & abuse." The discussion was keened toward the advantages and disadvantages the Internet portrays!

In his opening statement, Sheik al-Qardawi stated that the Internet is a critical communication tool that touches Ė virtually Ė every household in the world, or will be very soon. Neither countries nor governments can stop such powerful [info.] invasion! Sheik al-Qaradawi continued to say, "Muslims should take advantage of the Internetís utmost benefits, and stay away from the sinister and harmful things, as the case with almost everything in this life." Sheik al-Qaradawi encouraged all viewers to use the Internet for whatís best for them and Islam and not to be ignorant as the case with some ruling members of the Othmaniís dominion. At the beginning, the Othmanis had rejected the introduction of the typewriter to the Muslim world, but soon after they learned its valued benefit, they submitted to the fact that the typewriter is a useful tool.

The majority of the callers made it very loud & clear of their opposition to the Internet, and urged the Emiratesí Government to put stop for its evil expansion. I gathered, their opinion was influenced by the extreme Pornography [sexual] content that is flooding the Communication Super Highway by the Western [Christianity] world.

In my perspective, The Western [Christian] world had been flooding our countries with sexual material long before the inception of the Internet. Pornography migrated to our countries in many ways and different forms, such as: video movies [the bulk], magazines, satellite dishes, computer CDROMs, books [novels], playing cards, etc. So my question is, "how come we didnít ban VCRs, TVs, CDROMs, Dishes, etc.?" The Answer: we canít ban such useful devices just because Pornography is found on those mediums!

In conclusion, I donít think the callers were educated on the massive benefits of the Internet, and I donít think they even know how to use the Internet in productive, beneficial and positive manner. For instance, I use the Internet for the following reasons:

The list goes on and on! If any of us donít have the need for any of the above or anything else useful, and fear that Porn might ended up in his/her home, I have a simple solution: DONíT SUBSCRIBE TO THE INTERNET!!

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