In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Jospin paid for his insulting remarks!

The French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin's paid dearly for his ignorant description of Hezbollah attacks on Israeli occupation forces as terrorist acts. While I was watching the news on the Palestinian TV channel, I noticed an angry crowed of students belong to "Bir Zait" University throwing rocks at the French Prime Minister while he was leaving the university campus. The Prime Minister was darn lucky that none of the students was armed, otherwise he could've been shot.

Israel is occupying Southern Lebanon and Hesbollah Mujahideen are defending their occupied territories, and yet they're described by this ignorant Prime Minister as "Terrorists."

Today in Lebanon, about 10,000 students demonstrated in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin's description of Hezbollah attacks on Israeli occupation forces as terrorist acts. Protesters marched through Baalbek, an historic town 90 km (55 miles) east of Beirut that is a center of support for the Hezbollah guerrilla group, chanting anti-Jospin slogans and waving banners.

I wish for this Prime Minister to watch and comment on the latest video showing Russian soldiers in Chechnya filling in a mass grave filled with mutilated corpses and a man being dragged behind a truck with a rope around his neck…..In my perspective, I find it hard to describe the Russians being terrorists, criminals, savages, and killers since these words don't even match such heinous inhumane acts committed against the innocent people of Chechnya!

Anti-Muslim hatred has reached its peak and the level of atrocities committed against Muslims has reached the true term of annihilation……..And what do we do in return, we welcome the Pope to Egypt!?!?

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