Circumcision "Khetan" in Islam

Recent media propaganda has been viciously accusing Islam for being the promoter of mutilation (female Circumcision) in African Muslim countries such as Egypt and Somalia. In Islam, men circumcision is recommended and falls under the Prophet's Doctrine "Sunnah" and for women it's ONLY an option, and nothing else as the media unjustly implied.

The female circumcision in the above mentioned countries is based on some old tribal traditions that doesn't relate to Islam whatsoever. But the enemies of Islam and the unjust media always tend to twist the facts and stab Islam in the back.

Brother Ahmed sent us an e-mail with deep concerns regarding Circumcision "Khetan" in Islam, and he asked us to set the record straight. We asked Brother Hussam to give us some feedback on this matter, and here is what he had to say:

"Praise be to Allah , the Creator , the Sustainer , the Lord of the Worlds According to {Masnad Ahmed} Book # 11 , Hadith # 19794, under the subject of khetan Male and Female circumcision, Abby Almaleeh bin Osama said that his father narrated Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said " Al-Khetan - Circumcision - is Sunna for Men and Option for Women"

another Hadith also in Masnad Ahmed, Book # 9 , Hadith # 17232, Othman bin Al-Aus was invited to a Khetan ( Circumcision ) ,and he didn't go, when he was asked why he didn't go , he said that during the life of Allah's Messenger we never got invited or attended a Khetan.

The first Hadith is the only Hadith that I could find , I looked into Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim , Sunan Altrmedi , Mouta Malik , Aldarmy , Abu- Dawoud....ect, and I found only that Hadith in Masnad Ahmed Hadith # 19794 , in Book # 11 ( Masnad Alshamien) .

I also asked sheik Syaid (an Egyption Muslim Imam & Scholar living in the US) about Khetan , and he said the same , that it is Sunna for men and an option for women; that if they do it ,it's not Harram. But you need to understand that doesn't mean for us Muslims to force it on our women , or have a party when we have a Khetan, and as far as for the women its better not to do it unless there is a medical reason for it .

What I don't understand is what this matter has to do with the religion Islam, Khetan happens every day in the US (( in Hospitals)) for medical reasons Male or Female genital mutilation is forbidden "Harram" in Islam, even a Male Circumcision if it's performed to mutilate the genital, then it's forbidden "Harram". In Islam, the deeds are according to the intentions, and not every thing happens in the so-called Muslim country means it is from Islam .

I can go on and on , but I think the point is clear , women circumcision is allowed if there is a reason for it , and no one can tell you that the prophet (pbuh) did it or order any one to do it , he just gave a permission to do it if there is a reason, and it is sunna for men. ""

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