In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Kosovo Crisis!

Contrary to what many believe that the Kosovo dilemma is religiously biased, Christians against Muslims, we all know that NATO forces - not Muslims - are punishing Serbia! This is crystal clear proof that the Kosovo’s issue is politically biased since the Serbs are aiming to control a very crucial and yet strategic territories under the extreme and deadly opposition of NATO.

Milosevic - the Serbian ruthless dictator and the Saddam Hussein of Yugoslavia - backed by the Russians, has vowed to gain control over the region "with all means necessary". Russia’s modern war arsenal is under the hands of Milosevic. Russia needs Serbia to be strong and have full dominance over that region, and that’s why Russia feels very opposed to NATO strikes.

The whole sadly and woefully dilemma is nothing but a political game, deadly conspicuous game played by the Super Powers. Molesovic wants to control: Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. If Molesovic would to achieve such control, then NATO would kiss the peace in Europe good-bye. Serbia is located in the heart of Europe and both World Wars were started or influenced by that region. If NATO had allowed Milosevic to occupy Kosovo, he will – like bad case of cancer - spread his iron fist of destruction through out Europe, and eventually, the whole world.

Innocent Kosovars are paying high price for such dangerous and immoral game.

Unfortunately, the Muslim world is still asleep and they have influenced nothing significant. Although, I did see some humanitarian assistance arriving to the Kosovars refugees by some Muslim countries, but unfortunately that’s all they can do, denouncing the atrocities and sending some humanitarian assistance. I guess I expected more actions than just words!!

History repeats itself! Identical atrocities had happened to the Palestinians who were viciously massacred and majority got kicked out from their homeland and became refugees scattered throughout the world. Yet, you see the Israeli media boring us to death with their – gracious - aid to the Kosovar refugees!

We pray for the welfare of the Kosovars and we pray for the sleeping Muslims to wake up and follow the prophet’s lead in defending Muslims every where. May Allah (swt) protect all Muslims, Mohammed’s followers, and unite them soon, and peace and blessings be upon Mohammed (saaw).

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