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Misinformed about Mecca !

The Last email we received was quite an eye opener! The gentleman asked the following questions: (1) What is Mecca? (2) What is the black structure in the middle of the mosque? (3) Why do people dress similarly, and (4) why do they circle around the black structure seven times?

I asked the gentleman on his motivation behind inquiring about such questions and he replied, "A Muslim friend told him that Muslims dress in white and circle the black building because on Resurrection Day, they will be dressed up the same way in white and will be asked to walk around "something" seven times which correspond to the number of heavens or skies."

We claim no religious expertise and don’t require a "fatwa" to give answers for the above questions as they are clearly found in the Sunnah & Hadith……… On with the answers:

What is Mecca? What is the black structure in the middle of the mosque?

Mecca is a sacred place that goes back to the old days of Prophet Abraham "Ibrahim" peace be upon him. With direct orders from Allah (swt), Abraham, with the help of his eldest son Ishmael, built the house of Allah "baytu allah." The house of Allah "baytu allah" is nothing but a worship place, and in it there is the black structure "Ka’bah". Allah (swt) has ordered us in the holly Quran to direct our prayers toward Mecca or "ka’bah." Muslims worldwide direct their hearts and bodies toward Mecca or "Ka’bah" - to be precise - when performing prayers.

Why do people dress similarly, and will they be dressed in White on Resurrection Day?

During Pilgrimage "Hajj," Muslims dress similarly in two white clean cloths called "Ihram" which symbolizes purity, humbleness, humility and of course, equality amongst the Muslims who gathered from all walks of life - rich & poor, black & white, short & tall, blind & sighted - under one big umbrella called the House of Allah "baytu allah."

On Resurrection Day, people are not dressed up at all. They are simply naked! Aisha – may Allah be pleased with her – asked the Prophet (pbuh) on the condition of people on Resurrection Day? The Prophet (pbuh) answered, "People resurrect bare-footed and naked." Aisha said, "Both men and women together looking at each other." The Prophet (pbuh) said, "O Aisha, the matter is much greater than you think."


Why do Muslims circle around the black structure seven times?

Hagar, the mother of Prophet Ishmael "Ismaeel" (pbuh), was trying to find some water for her crying baby Ismaeel. Upon looking toward the hill, she spotted water. When she arrived, she found nothing but mirage! She looked back and spotted water. She ran toward the water and found nothing but mirage. Hagar was running crazy on the cries of her young baby Ismaeel. Hagar ran back and forth 7 times. From then on it became standard as to how many times pilgrims should circle the "Ka’bah," but it has definitely nothing to do with Resurrection Day or the total Nos. of Heavens!


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