Praise be to Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful:

Until recently, I've never read the Bible nor had the urge to do so! Plus, I strongly and religiously believe the Koran is the genuine word of God (swt) and I must believe and obey what the Koran and Sunnah utter. Further more, our society and even our traditions do not encourage such act, the act of elucidation and interjection of other religions.

On the other hand, Christian Missionaries are storming the African and Middle Eastern countries promoting Christianity with evil propaganda in distorting, misinterpreting , falsifying and perverting the Islamic faith. It's currently happening in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and South Africa. Those people came from the same regimes that brought occupation to our lands and spread devastation and humiliation to the Muslim identity. After all this, they still refer to us "Terrorists"!!!!!

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Corruption in Christianity

The above site has nothing to do with Islam & Muslims, and we are not responsible for its contents. All we care about is the Biblical analysis those guys achieved. The site explains, in vivid details, the preeminent human corruption to the word of God in both OT ( Old Testament "Torah" ) and the NT (New Testament). The authors and coordinators of this site are none but ex-Christians who couldn't and wouldn't tolerate such extortion in the Bible.

Being weighed and considered the genuine word of God, it seems the Bible advocates the following deeds or ideology:

Drinking Alcohol, TIM 5:23. PRO 31:6-7
Absurdities found all over the bible, NU 22:27-28. LEV 11:20. LEV 12:1,2,5. MAL 2:3
Bastard, DEUT 23:2. ZECH 9:6. HEB 12:8
Adultery, 2 SAM 11:4. 2 SAM 11:6-25
God having sick qualities, ISA 5:26, 7:18. ZECH 10:8. ISA 42:13. JER 25:30. SAM 6:19.
Incest, having sex with immediate relatives, GEN 19:33-35. GEN 35:32. GEN 38:15-18.
More Incest, 2 SAM 13:5-14. 2 SAM 16:22. 2 SAM 12:11-12. LEV 18:8-18, 20:11-14, 17-21.
Racism, Jesus only came for the Jews, MAT 10:5-6. MAT 15:24-26.
Massacres on the hand of the Jews, NUM 31:17-18. DEU 20:16. JOS 6:21, 10:28.
Onanism, withdrawal of penis from vagina before ejaculation, GEN 38:8-9
Nudity, GEN 9:21. 1 SAM 19:24. 2 SAM 6:20. ISA 20:3-4.
Slavery, LEV 25:46. EPH 6:5. 1 TIM 6:1. LEV 19:20. EXO 21:5
Sex & Obscenity, PRO 5:18. SOL 1:13, 4:5, 7:3, 5:4. ISA 13:15-16. ISA 20:2-4.
Sodomy, ROM 1:25-27
Woman's rights, 1 COR 14:34-35. DEU 25:11-12. GEN 3:16. EXO 21:7.
Whores, EZE 16:28. EZE 23:1-49. HOS 4:12, 6:10, 9:1.
Trinity, only found once in the whole Bible, JOHN 5:7
Killing & Blood shed, 2 SAM 12:11-12
God tricking his messengers, EZE 14:9-10
God wrestles with Jacob and loses, GEN 32:24-30
God eats and drinks and got exhausted, GEN 18:6-8

Please do yourself a tremendous favor by reading, examining and comprehending the above mentioned verses from the Bible. Those are the exact interpolations and perversions that God alluded to in the Koran. We strongly believe that every verse that depicts evil act is a man-made fabrication and insertion influenced by Satan and Not God (swt). God (swt) wants our benefit and good welfare and not our destruction, degradation and annihilation.

I would like to accentuate that we Muslims, never bear any grudge or hatred against any of the former Divine Messages; on the contrary, we highly respect and sanctify them, because they are, like our Holy Koran, delivered from the same fountain head ( OUR CREATOR), but we deny and reject any "interpolation" and "Distortion" to be inserted into the HOLY BIBLE as a genuine doctrine of God!!

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