In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Biased Christians moderating SRI, the Muslim Newsgroup!!

This article is long overdue! Actually, I was hoping the Muslim Newsgroup - soc.religion.islam - would improve their image by having a Muslim moderator taking care of moderation activities instead of the biased Orthodox Christian woman who is running the group and taking charge of the show!

I’ve ceased posting articles on "sri" for two primary reasons. First and foremost, because of the stubborn and bias attitude of the humble Christian moderator and her Muslim colleague. Second, for the ridiculous and irrelevant articles – Christian propaganda - posted by disgruntled Christians with only one mission in mind, preaching their beliefs and philosophies to Muslims!

I tried once using similar tactics – I consider them tough and legit questions - in a Christian moderated newsgroup, but my postings got rejected without any given reason. Before long, many Christians embarked on posting on soc.religion.islam after learning that our humble newsgroup is moderated by one of their own. You should’ve seen the ludicrous and absurd articles that managed to find their way to "sri" with enormous easiness and simplicity.

How does the Christian tactics work?

Christians prepare well-designed articles with extreme concentration on spitting out their dogma to the Muslim readers. The majority of posts start something similar to this: " Salam, I have few questions to Muslims about Quran, " or " According to the Quran, Jesus this and that, " or worse yet the only thing you could find is the word "allah" at the beginning of the article. Bottom line, if you’re a Christian and your post is pathetic, abusive to Islam and flat out garbage, but yet you managed to adhere to the above tactics, then worry-free my friend, it will gain the "automatic post approval" by the moderator, and within or less than twenty-four hours it gets posted!

Now, when humble Muslims put extensive effort to refute such article(s), they encounter the following:

  1. They never hear anything about their submission. Consequently, articles never get posted.
  2. Their posts get rejected without apparent reason.
  3. Their posts get rejected based on post being "irrelevant" or "abusive."

I’ll bet, if the Muslim’s post consists entirely of surat al-ikhlaas "qul howa allahu ahad," then rest assure it will get rejected since it affirms Allah’s Unity and Oneness, which can be very offensive to Christians.

Many Muslim brothers voiced their frustration and demanded some sort of moderation changes and reorganizing that would result in genuine benefits for Muslims and non-Muslims. I ask of you to verify the facts of "sri" for yourself.

Finally, please take a look at the Moderator Homepage. Aren't Orthodox Christians the ones killing and slaughtering Kosovar Muslims just because they are Albanians and most significantly, MUSLIMS!

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