Reasons for not being a Christian

1) According to Genesis 2:2, God got tired on the 7th day of creation. For that reason I wouldn't worship or bow my head to a God who gets tired. Allah has created more than 100 billion star, each star has its own orbiting planets and yet, Allah never got tired. Allah created the worlds of: the bacteria, the fish, the birds, animals, etc. and never got tired. Now that's my kind of God that I would worship and bow my head to.

In Islam, the Almighty Allah (SWT) never gets tired. If he says to something BE, then it is.

2) I wouldn't worship a God who eats from the same food like I do, or sleeps like I do, or uses the bathroom like I do.

In Islam, the Almighty Allah (SWT) is far beyond the need for food or any other earthly desires.

3) In the Old Testament there is no mention of Jesus whatsoever, and yet the Old testament is the foundation of Christianity. Moreover, the word "Son of God" was given to other people like: Luke 3:34-38 " ....Adam, which was the Son of God", Exodus 4:22 " Israel is my Son ", Jeremaiah 31:9 " ...and Ephraim is my first born ", Psalms 2:7 " David you are my Son", Romans 8:14 " ...They are the sons of God. " Now, how come they aren't worshipped like Jesus? Aren't they also the Sons of God. Plus, why would God need a son for, especially a human son? Is God going to die or retire?

In Islam, the Almighty Allah (SWT) makes it clear that He is the One and Only God there is. This fact is found all over the Qur'an and Sunnah and no Muslim has any doubts about it.

4) Obscene and filthy language and guidance is heavily used in the Bible. I wouldn't worship a God who is full of filth. If God himself is full of filth and obscenity, then why do we blame the society for Pornography, Rape, Child Sexual abuse, etc.

In Islam, the Almighty Allah (SWT) is very clean in His wording found in the Holy Qur'an, and no such obscenity to be found at all in both the Qur'an and Sunnah.

5) Too much atrocities and blood shed in the Bible. Maybe that's why Hitler, the German Murderer, killed so many people. Maybe that's why America dropped the Atomic Bombs on Japan. Maybe that's why so much killing in America, from car-jacking, store robberies, home invasions, to drive by shootings, etc. All atrocities are promoted in the Bible.

In Islam, the Almighty Allah (SWT) ordered all Muslims to be fair and only to fight the Infidels who always carry animosity and hate toward Islam and Muslims.

6) Slavery is widely and openly promoted in the Old and New Testament. So, why do we blame the Americans for taking Africans as slaves?

First thing our beloved Prophet (pbuh) did, was forbidding Slavery and he clearly stated that all people are equal.

7) Christianity is divided into different sects in huge ratio. Christianity population = 1.77 Billion. 56%, Catholic 18% Babtist,and the rest go for other Christian Sects. This huge difference in any religion is considered a problem and also means that something wrong is going on.

In Islam there is about 1.33 Billion Muslims. 90% are Sunni and the rest is divided among the Shiite, Sufi, Muhammadi, Baha'i, etc. The ratio is small indicating that our religion is being consistent.

8) The Church is becoming a multi-Billion dollar business. Religious Reverends and Pastors are getting obscene amount of money for their religious services. They live in mansions, drive fancy cars, fly private jets, etc. Just take a look at: Billy Graham, Ed Young, Jimmy Swagert, and Jim Baker before he was sent to Jail.

If you go to any Islamic Mosque, you'll find that the Muslim Imam is barely making his end meat.

9) Christians live in a society that is totally corrupt: Financial Interest is a huge burden on all citizens, Killing and blood shed is on the rise and there is no justice system to protect the victim, Rape and teen pregnancy are on the rise, racism is getting worse than ever, pornography is occupying almost every home in America and Europe, drinking and drug abuse is killing the Christian youth.

There is no Interest in Islam. Plus, there is no pornography, Drinking, Drugs, blood shed in Islam. Check a round and find out for your self.

10) Christians don't know their religion, and instead, they rely on Sunday's ceremony, that's in the event they attend church in the first place.

Muslims pray five times a day. They read the Holy Qur'an and the Hadith. Both Qur'an and Hadith covers almost all essential queries for us to have a clean and decent society.

11) Abnormal relationships are on the rise: Gay, Lesbian, BI-sexual , and even animal sex is on the rise.

None of the abnormal and sickening relationships are found in Islam, period.

12) In many Christian families, you'll noticed that couples are raising kids without even being married to each other. Or, they'll be living and having sex with each other for years and years and then they would decide to get married, and then maybe not.

No living together before marriage in Islam. Even during engagement, there are strict rules that couples have to observe.

13) Christianity is a religion with no clear guidance or teachings at all. There are no teachings regarding: the way of life, how to pray, how to fast, daily life activities, clear definition between the good and bad, life after death, etc.

Muslims have clear understanding and guidance of Islam. The Qur'an and Suunah have touched upon almost every single detail in life and life after death. No confusion is found in Islam.

14) St. Paul originated the Bible and yet he never met Jesus in his lifetime. In fact, Paul was the undisputed enemy toward Jesus and his followers. Paul killed and tortured many of Jesus' followers.

The Qur'an was written during the Prophet's time and some of the writers are: Omer Ibn Al-Khatab, Abu Bakr, Ali Ibn Abu Talib, Othman Ibn Affan, Zayed Ibn Thabet, Ubay Ibn Kaab, Thabet Ibn Qays, Hanthalah Ibn Al-Rabei, but the Qur'an was gathered during Othman's rule.

That's why Christianity is no religion of mine.