The Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

1. Open Istanbul and Rome

Prophet Muhammad predicted that the Muslims would open two cities, Istanbul and Rome. His companions asked him which one would be opened first, he replied Istanbul (present city of Contantinople in Turkey). The Muslims opened Istanbul in 1453 A.D. after fighting for 55 days. The leader of the Muslims was Muhammad Al Feteh. This ended the powerful empire of Rome. There were two major sects of Christianity: one is based in Rome and the other in Istanbul.

2. Mongols and Tartars

The Muslims will fight two tribes. The first tribe has face like the hammer (the Mongolians). The second tribe wears furs and has small eyes (the Tartars (Taimur Lung and Genghis Khan). Both predictions occurred when these tribes destroyed the established Islamic state and captured the territories, except for the Arabian peninsula. But after a few years, they accepted Islam. There about 90,000,000 Muslims in China and around 80,000,000 Muslims in the former Republic of Soviet Union.

3. End of Caesar and Qisra

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said to Caesar and Qisra that after their death there will be no more Caesar and Qisra.And these empires joined the Islamic state. This happened in 638 A.D. (during the period of the second Calipha Omar).

4. Jewish Control Of Palestine

The Muslims and Jews will fight against each other. The Muslims will be on the Eastern side and the Jews will be on the Western side of the Jordan River. We know that the Jewish people captured Palestine and fought against the Arabs. The prophecy in this verse has been fulfilled through the support of the Israeli State by America, Europe and Russia.

5. People Prefer Dogs over Children

He predicted that in the future people will care more for dogs than their children. Today we find couples who do not want to have children and instead prefer to have dogs.

6. Open Sex

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) predicted that a time will come when people will have open sex in the streets and other public places. We see this in the theater, university campuses, etc.

7. Interest (Banks)

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) predicted that a time will come when people everywhere will use interest all over the world and nobody will be able to escape it. Europe and America were against interest until the start of the 19th century when Vatican started using interest, then others accepted.

8. Muslims Will Open Egypt

Prophet Muhammad told his (Sahabah) followers that God would help the Muslims open Egypt. The Muslims were told to be kin to the Christian people (Themee) and take care of them because they are relatives to me (Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ). Under Islamic Law, Themee (Jews and Christians) have every right to practice their own customs and beliefs. They are not required to participate in any war to defend the Islamic State. In the 12th century, during the Crusades, many Christian Arabs fought enthusiastically with the Muslims against the European Christians to defend the Islamic State, because they were satisfied with their life under Islamic rule. Egypt now has 50 million Muslims.

9. Increase in Trading

A wife helps her husband with earning money. The relationship among families and relatives are weakened. Education improved. The justice system is unfair.

10. The Muslims Will Fight the False Messiah

The Muslims on the east of Jordan River and the false Messiah on the west.

11. Nudes on the Beach

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) said that a time will come when the devil will put his throne on the sea and invite people to it. This is the present trend of going to the beaches in nakedness. This trend started after World War I.

12. Forty Islamic States

At the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), there was only one Islamic state the one which was formed by Prophet Muhammad himself. But Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) predicted that a time would come when there would be 40 Islamic states, and they will be controlled by the Anti-Christ. He also he also predicted that more than 70,000 people form the Old Persian Empire (Western Russia and Northern Iran, and west of Afghanistan) will follow the Anti-Christ. Many Jews are presently leaving this area and are moving to the Palestine area.

13. Adoption of Western Dress By Muslim Women

He predicted that a time will come when Muslim women will be wearing Un-Islamic clothing.

14. Aids (Or Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

No nation that ever practiced sodomy and adultery will escape the inflection of diseases, pains, and suffering which were unknown to their ancestors.

15. Transportation

The rider of the camel will pass his brother who has a heavily burdened camel and not offer him a ride. And there will come a time when a person will pass his brother. The camels of evil I have seen but no yet the camels of speed (cars) exist ( faster than the speed of horse.). There will come a time on my nations (nation of Islam) when they will ride the great saddles to prayer (cars).

16. Arabs Will Be Wealthy

Omar Iben Alkhataab narrated the word of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He said shepherds with no sandals would be builders of tall buildings, and leaders of great countries. The Arabs have\ now built tall buildings and are presidents and kings.

17. Abu Ayoob Al A Nsari Will Die Outside Arabia

Abu Ayoob died in 674 A.D. his remains were later found in 1458. The Muslims built a mosque behind it. Prophet Muhammad lived in Abu Ayoob's house in Medina when he first immigrated to Medina. Prophet Muhammad made a prophecy that Abu Ayoob would die outside Arabia. Abu Ayoob died in Istanbull.

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