Prophet Mohammad's Rejection of worldly Possessions

Utba Ibn Rabeah, one of the leaders of Makkah, told the other leaders of Makkah that he would make a proposal to Mohammad, which would make him stop telling them to give up their idol worshipping. The proposal was as follows:

1. They would collect their money and give it to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) so that he would be the wealthiest man in Arabia.
2. They would make Mohammad (pbuh) the leader with more authority than any other leader, and should seek his permission for all decisions to be made.
3. They would make Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) their king if he so desired.
4. If Mohammad was sick they would bring doctors from all parts of the known world to cure him.
5. They would bring the ten most beautiful women they could find for Mohammad to marry.
At the end of the fifth item, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) asked Utba if he had finished. When he replied that he was finished, the Prophet started to recite Sura 41, Fussilat. After hearing the Sura, Utba told the people to leave Mohammad to himself.

The people of Makkah then went to Abu Taleb, the uncle of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Abu Taleb had been a protector of the Prophet. The makkahans asked Abu Taleb to convince Mohammad to stop condemning their gods. The Prophet told Abu Taleb: " By Allah O' uncle, if they would put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, in order to drop this religion, I would never do so until Allah would make it 'the religion' or I die for its sake."

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