In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Retirement in Saudi Arabia!

What’s wrong with this picture? Foreign Christians, Jews, and Atheists are spending their retiring years "golden years" in Saudi Arabia with much ease, respect and financial support extended to them by the Saudi government. Dhahran and Jeddah are becoming the safe-haven for former foreign [not Arabs] employees who had worked in Saudi Arabia in the past years. The retirement life in Saudi Arabia can be summarized as follows: Free housing in suitable, luxurious, and secured places along with Wine, Beer, Pork, and Satellite systems that receive Pornography & other related X-rated material; free schools and education; respect and recognition from the Royal Family. Everything that angers Allah (swt) is well available and provided by the Saudis.

However, a Jordanian Muslim spent his entire life – 31 years – in Saudi Arabia as a Math Teacher, teaching the incompetent brainless young generation of Arabia, was ordered to leave the country. He is a devoted Muslim who performed Hajj on regular basis, and his children are the symbol of true Islamic Youth. He was kicked-out without any retirement benefits, bonuses, or any other employment package at all. In fact, he was lucky he was able to withdraw his life-savings and take it back home with him. Nowadays, and in many – civilized - countries, employees - with long employment service - get an automatic citizenship - with high honors - if they spend most of their life devoting their efforts and timeless exertion in supporting the welfare of that country and its citizens. In Saudi Arabia, if you’re an Arab or from a Third World country, then you’ll be stepped on. On the other hand, only non-Muslim foreigners receive respect and dignity in Saudi Arabia!

TV in Saudi Arabia!

Unfortunately, the Saudi TV's Channels are literally useless. 90% of programming is about the royal family's day-to-day activities. Remember, there are more than six thousand members in the Saudi Royal family and that - by itself - require the total airtime allocation. Consequently, the remaining 10% is solely dedicated for songs, daily soap-operas, and the daily "Athan & Prayer."

In their 100-year anniversary festivities, a hypocrite Saudi man stood up and shouted, "The Kingship belongs to Allah then to Abdul-Aziz!" Or, "Al-mulk lillah thummah le Abdul-Alziz." I said to myself, "How crude & low can people really go!"

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