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Corruption and Waste in Saudi Arabia!

Every time I try not to criticize the Saudi Regime, I find new headlines that really pressures me to elaborate and say few words. Reader’s Digest, an American magazine, published this recent article that exposes: corruption, waste, and the repressive Saudi's rule.

The article says, " Twenty years a go, Saudi Arabia enjoyed oil wealth so vast it seemed able to buy all the security it could ever want. Today, the same country is beset by a notoriously corrupt ruling family, gargantuan debt, and uncontrolled spending which have wreaked havoc with the kingdom finances."

Saudi Arabia’s once-colossal cash reserves have shrunk by two-thirds, from $32 billion in 1981 to $10 billion today. Meanwhile, domestic debt has increased to nearly $100 billion. Unemployment among those who have already left school hovers around 25%.

Where has all the money gone?

Tens of Billions of dollars have been squandered on padded contracts, institutionalized bribery and lavish life of the Saudi royal family.

Royal Grafters. At the top, some 6000 members of the ruling family enjoy a life of spectacular opulence. The royal family’s budget is believed to run into billions of dollars a year. Wealth is distributed at the discretion of King Fahd, whose estimated private assets total at least $10 billion.

King Fahd, the so-called the protector of the two holy shrines, owns more than 7 palaces in Saudi Arabia alone, and others in France, Spain, and Switzerland, private Boeing 747, private Yacht both fitted with a sauna, chandeliers, and gold bathroom fixtures.

Members of the royal clan receive generous "salaries" for doing little or no work. Princes receive on average $30,000 – 50,000 per month plus cars and other benefits. Family members also skim billions from countless official projects. Most lucrative for the royal grafters are military contracts, which can easily bring in billions of dollars. Critics allege that Prince Sultan, second in line to the throne and widely ridiculed as "The Thief" receives a standard commission of 20 percent on most arms contracts with the help of his claimed son, Prince Bandar.

Repressive Rule. Despite its wealth, Saudi Arabia has only severely limited free speech, no freedom of assembly, no political parties and no elections. Prisoners maybe detained indefinitely, denied legal representations, subjected to prolonged physical abuse and condemned to death without a fair trial. Saudi Arabia is the world biggest customer for human torture tools and devices.

Finally, we've just learned the Saudi Regime continuously hires low life and immoral newspaper editors, mostly Arab chief editors, with a mission to spread out false rumors and insult other Arab countries in an effort to divert attention away from Saudi Arabia. We were told one of those worthless Arabic Newspapers is located in Houston, Texas.

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