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Newsgroup (Usenet) Search Engines

These search engines allow you to search Newsgroup articles for keywords!!

Alta Vista Newsgroup Seach


DejaNews Newsgroup Search


Excite Newsgroup Search


Infoseek Newsgroup Search


People Search Engines

These Search Engines can help you find old friends, classmates, army buddies and many others, several will allow seaches by by city, school, organization,etc...

Four11 Person Search Great site for finding people, be sure to get the free online upgrade.

   LastName First Name

LookUP! Directory Email Search database


Switchboard Search Another great place for finding people!

   Last Name First Name , City, State

Yahoo Person Search White Pages Search

   Last Name First Name , City, State

Email Search Program


World Email Search


Misc Search Engines These Misc Search Engines can help you find almost anything...

Albert's Ambry Software Search Web Site
Acronym Search Acronym provider
Apollo Advertising Search for Retailers on the WWW
Archie Search Archie Gopher search engine
Aunt Sally Software Search Spectacular
Astro Search Search Astronomy databases
Bibliography Bibliography engine
Big Dummy Internet Search Tool Internet Search
California Web Servers Search California
COMMA Hotlist List search
CUI Science Library Search engine (science related)
CyberSense Search the net
Discovery Channel Online Search the Discovery Channel site
Elcano Spanish Search Engine
Free Links Search tons of free sites to add your URL
Galaxy Search the WWW
Games Search Search a game database
Geographic City/Zip search City/Zip Search
Global On-line Directory Multiple Searches
Global Meta-Library Library Search engine
Image Surfer Search for images
Imperative Search for anything
Internet Sleuth Search database for other search sites
ISP List Internet service providers
Jughead Search Jughead Gopher search
JumpCity Whats new on the Web
Linkstar WWW search engine
List Servers Text Search
LookitupDirectory Search of email addresses
Mac Software Catalog The place for Mac users
Music Search Music Only Search Engine
News Archives search Another News Search
Nikos Nikos Engine
Planet Earth Search Earth search engine
Poke! Webprowlers search engine
Rent a Geek Database of Computer Consultants
Roget's Thesaurus We all need this engine...
RBSE Spider Search the WWW for documents
Search Mania Another Search Engine
Tile Internet References More internet stuff
Usenet FAQ Search Search for Usenet FAQs
Veronica Search Veronica Gopher search
WAIS Search WAIS search
Wanderer Index Another search engine
Webster's Dictionary A must have....
Whole Internet Catalog Another search
Wizard's Seach Engine data seach
World Email Directory Search Email search
Worldwide Yellow Pages Yellow Pages search
WWW Worm Search for URL and Documents
YPN - Your Personal Net Reviews of Internet Sites