Yasser Arafat

Born in 1929 in Cairo - Egypt. Palestinian claimed political leader. Head of the guerrilla group Fatah, he became - in 1969 - leader of the PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION (PLO). The PLO was weakened when Arafat and his guerrillas were forced to leave their stronghold in West BEIRUT, Lebanon, after the 1982 Israeli siege. Beginning in the late 1980s, he made tentative peace overtures to Israel. A 1993 accord with Israel led to limited Palestinian self-rule in Jericho and the Gzaza Strip in 1994, and Arafat became president of the Palestine National Authority. Arafat, Shimon PERES, and Yitzhak Rabin received the 1994 Nobel Prize for peace for the 1993 accord. A 1995 agreement called for the expansion of self-rule to all Arab cities and villages in the West Bank by 1996.

Arafat is receiving Billions of Dollars in finical aid on behalf of Palestinians, but unfortunately, him and his ruthless gang are living it up in Gaza. He's been cracking down on Muslims to gratify Israel. He's made the ultimate treason by signing up a peace treaty with Israel.