Statistics of Muslims in the USA and around the World


1,800 million Christans
1,780 million Muslims
0,018 million Jews
The Muslim population is growing at rate 3% a year, while Christianity is dropping to 2.6% a year

USA '96

140.0 million Christians
010.0 milliom Muslims
004.3 million Jews

USA by denomination in millions

59.0 Roman Catholic
15.3 Southern Baptist
10.0 Muslim
08.7 United Methodist
08.2 National Baptist USA
05.5 Church of God in Christ
05.2 Evangelical Lutheran USA
04.4 Mormon
03.7 Presbyterian Church USA
03.5 African Methodist Episcopal Church
02.6 Lutheran Church of Missouri
02.4 Episcopal Church
02.2 Assemblies of God
02.0 United Synagoge of America (Conservative)
01.5 American Baptist
01.5 Baptist Bible Fellowship International
01.5 Greek Orthodox
01.3 United American Hebrew Congrigation (Reform)
01.2 African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
01.0 United Orthodox Jewish Congrigation of America (Orthodox)
01.0 Deciples of Christ

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"" HE (God) it is, Who sent his Apostle (Muhammed) with the guidance and the True religion, that HE may make it overcome the religions, all of them even though the unbelievers may be averse (to it)..61:9 ""

The above verse states that the Almighty Allah (SW) will make the Religion of Islam to overcome all religions and has most followers ever.....

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