In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Hollywood strikes Islam again!

Hollywood, the Jewish-dominated industry filmmaker, never fell short in its atrocious aggression toward Islam, by producing more biased movies attacking Islam and depicting Muslims as uncontrolled psychopath terrorists!

The latest "garbage" that hit the movie theaters and now showing on cable TV, is the movie "The Siege," starring Bruce Willis & Denzel Washington. The movie blames Muslims for carrying out terrorist attack in New York City. The Jewish media "UN-HOLLYwood" never ceased in marketing – at full steam – their wicked movies against Islam, while on the other hand concealing the daily savage atrocities against Muslims in Palestine.

Islam is the religion of peace and tranquility! Islam is the religion of reasoning and freedom of choice! Never in history, Islam was atrociously portrayed in such ways or was associated with peoples' misery and torment! People join Islam at free will, because Islam is "thee" religion that offers a simple and exemplary ethical life that draws us to the creator.

When the invading forces of the West "cross-worshippers" invaded Muslim lands early this century and killed the millions, segregated the countries, appointed their obedient ruling agents [traitors], and awarded Palestine to the Jews, they left a sour taste in peoples' mouth. Those vicious and uncalled for acts created lofty anger and hatred amongst Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular, toward the West. Palestinians have full rights to defend their lands and protect themselves by all means necessary. The West's perspective, Palestinians who gave their lives defending their ceased rights are being portrayed as "terrorists." But in the eyes of Islam, they are considered "martyrs" and they have earned high ranks in Heaven.

Israel [planted by England and nurtured by the United States] is a country that was established upon terrorism, bloodshed and ethnic cleansing against unarmed and vulnerable Palestinians. Israel doesn't understand but the language of arms and force. But since Israel is the "spoiled-child" of the West, the Palestinian predicament has turned upside down! Palestinians are viewed as terrorists and Jews are viewed as innocent. How many movies have been produced about the Jewish Holocaust?.……Too many!

Word for the wise. Extremists and fundamentalists are found in every religion! Their actions shouldn't be associated with or blamed on the religion they represent, even if they claim so. Fundamentalists are found in Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhs, etc. It's fair (to say the least) to learn about the subject religion before making ignorant comments, and not to judge the book by its cover!

Today's world belongs to the "tough guys" and their allies. In their perspective, what's wrong is right and what's black is white. If it happens you have different perspective than theirs, then you fight'em like a man or run for the mountains.

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