Joy & Happiness for the Believers

The Prophet (pbuh) said: " Tooba (Joy or happiness) for whom who saw me and believed in me, then Tooba, then Tooba, then Tooba, then Tooba, then Tooba, then Tooba, then Tooba for whom who believed in me without seeing me." (Ahmed Ibn Hanbal)

The Word of Truth

Abdullah Ibn Amro Ibn Al-Auss, Famous Hadith Scribe, asked the Prophet (pbuh): " O' Messenger of Allah, you are human being that gets upset and happy. Should we write (whatever you say) when you're upset?" The Prophet (pbuh) said: " O' Abdullah, write everything - then the Prophet pointed to his own mouth - and said: " Praise be to whom my soul is in his hand, nothing came out of this mouth but the whole truth."

The Prophet (pbuh) saw a copy of the Torah with Omar Ibn Al-Kattab, and the Prophet said: " What's this O' Omar ?" Omar said: " This is a copy of the Torah O' Messenger of Allah." The Prophet (pbuh) got upset and said: " Are you confused/hesitant as the case with both the Jews and the Christians? I have conveyed it (Message) to you white and pure, and if my brother Moses where to be a live, he would've followed me."

by: Abdel Hamid Khishik

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