In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

United Nations riddled with fraud, waste and abuse!

The United Nations is nothing but a corrupt organization that serve nothing but adding salt to the wound. People live in Bosnia, Cambodia, Somalia, Rwanda, know first hand, the real misery the UN brings to an "already" destroyed country and vulnerable people.

United Nations in Bosnia:

Sonja’s Kon-Tiki café is a Serbian joint located six miles north of Sarajevo. While Serb soldiers perpetrated atrocities in nearby Bosnian villages, local residents reported that U.N. peacekeepers from France, Ukraine, Canada, and New Zealand regularly visited Sonja’s, drinking and eating with the very same Serbian soldiers – and sharing their women. The women of Sonja’s, however, were actually prisoners of the Serb soldiers. As one UN soldier, Borslav Herak, would later confess, he visited Sonja’s several times a week, raping the 70 females present and killing two of them. Worse yet, less than 200 feet away, a concentration camp held Bosnian Muslims in inhuman conditions. The U.N. peacekeepers did nothing but kept returning to Sonja’s for few drinks and rape.

Savage atrocities by the Serb:

After Bosnia declared independence in March 1992, the Serbs launched a savage campaign of "ethnic cleansing" against the Muslims and Croats who made up 61 percent of the country’s population. Rapidly, the Serbs gained control of two-thirds of Bosnia, which they still hold. Bosnian Serbs swept into Muslim and Croat villages and engaged in Europe’s worst atrocities since the Nazi Holocaust. Serbian thugs raped at least 20,000 women and young girls. In barbed wire camps, men, women and children were tortured and starved to death. Girls as young as six were raped repeatedly while parents and siblings were forced to watch. In one case, three Muslim girls were chained to a fence, raped by Serb soldiers for three days, then drenched with gasoline and set on fire. While this happening, U.N. peacekeepers stood by and did nothing to help. In fact, the UN military "observers" were busy counting artillery shells – and the dead.

As a Muslim, I pray to Allah (swt) to assist NATO’s actions in destroying all Serb’s military power and teach these savages a lesson. We just can’t rely on the worthless United Nations to help the Kosovar refugees. The United Nations has incompetent commanders, undisciplined soldiers [thugs] who aligned with the Serb aggressors and fail miserably to prevent atrocities, and at times even contributing to the horror.

United Nations, what a SHAM!

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