Who is this Muslim warrior, Khalid bin Al-Waleed?

He is the son of "Al-Mugueerah bin Al-Waleed" the richest man in Mecca and the most famous and well renown poet during that time. Khalid was a tall man with a well built body. He was a knight and a warrior. Many people had mistaken him for "Omar bin Al-Khattab" for such close physical resemblance.

Khalid embraced Islam just 3 years before the death of prophet Mohammad (pbuh). One day, the prophet (pbuh) had asked Khalid's brother "Al-Mugueerah" who was a Muslim: " Where is Khalid? he shouldn't be ignorant about Islam since he knows better !" Al-Mugueerah sent a letter to Khalid informing him what the prophet (pbuh) had said. Khalid decided to embrace Islam after all. Khalid set out to Medinna with the company of "Amro bin Al-Auss" and both embraced Islam in the presence of the prophet (pbuh).

The prophet (pbuh) gave khalid the title "the Sword of Islam" or "Sayef Al-Islam". Even though Khlaid didn't participate in the early battles, but of course, the prophet (pbuh) did foresee that Khalid will fight to raise the word of Islam. The prophet's prediction concerning Khalid was right on target and after all, Khalid is the one who conquered both empires, Rome & Persia. Khalid is the one who conquered the defectors "Apostates" headed by "Musailama the liar". Kahlid is the one who opened "Bilad Ashaam" and Iraq. All this happened during the rule of "Abu-Bakr" and "Omar bin Al-Khattab".

Khalid fought next to the prophet (pbuh) in several battles such as: Tabook, Hunain, & the battle of Ta'if which was a continuation for Hunain. In Hunain, the infidels have ambushed the Muslims and many of them fled away. It's said that only 12 "Sahabah" left fighting and protecting the prophet (pbuh). Meanwhile, Khalid was inside enemy lines fighting them like a lion. When Khalid heard "Al-Abbas" calling for the Muslims, Khalid pulled back and headed toward the Prophet (pbuh). Khalid, along with Omar, Ali and Abu-Bakr, fought vigorously around the prophet (pbuh). Khalid was wounded all over his body. But Khalid's ultimate Battle was, of course, the Battle of Mu'tah. The prophet (pbuh) had sent messengers to several Arabian tribes including " the tribe of Al-Talh" inviting them to Islam, all messengers got killed but one who went back to inform the prophet (pbuh). Also, the prophet (pbuh) had sent messengers to Hercules, the Roman Leader in Bilad Ashaam, but in the middle of the road the Tribe of Gassan had captured the messengers and ordered them killed. The Prophet (pbuh) vowed to punish both tribes for such heinous crimes.

The prophet (pbuh) decided to send 3 Thousand men under the leadership of "Zaid bin Harithah", and if he gets killed then "Jafar bin Abi Talib", and if he gets killed then "Abdullah bin Rawaha", and if he gets killed then Muslims ought to elect their new leader. Khalid bin Al-Waleed was among the Muslims in this platoon.

The Muslim army advanced until it reached the city of Ma'aan and stayed there for 2 nights. The Muslims have learned that the Arab tribes have gathered an army of 100,000 men and that Rome has sent an army of 100,000 men to aid the local Arab tribes. Two hundred Thousand men against 3 Thousand Muslims! Of course this is not a fair fight especially when the ratio is 67 to 1. But since when numbers scared Muslims!

Both armies advanced and met face to face in an area called Mu'tah, currently a small city in Jordan. Both sides launched fierce attacks at each other, while in Medianna which is 500 Miles away, the prophet (pbuh) was giving an instance and live battle update to his followers. The 3 Muslim leaders got killed and the Muslims elected Khlaid to lead the army against the Roman/Arab gigantic armies. Khalid maintained the fight until night where he, using his superior war tactics, withdrew his small army and swapped the wings. Plus, he ordered few men to go behind the hills to cause rumble and dust to create illusion that Muslim backups are on the way. The following day, both armies engaged in a fiercer battle, but the Romans thought that the Muslims had received more backup, both Romans and Arabs panicked and began cowardly withdrawing from the battle field while the small and brave Muslim army on their tails. The Muslims won this amazing Battle under the great leadership of the Muslim leader "Khalid bin Al-Waleed".

Battle outcome:
1) Khalid broke 9 swords in his hand.
2) Only "12" Muslim casualties including the 3 leaders.
3) The Romans & Arabs got defeated with thousands in casualties.

Khalid bin Al-Waleed died at age 55 during Omar bin Al-Khattab's command. Khalid was living in the city of Homs, in Syria. When Khalid died he left two things behind, his Horse and his Sword. Khalid was a great warrior, with or against Muslims. In fact, it's because of Khalid Muslims got defeated in the Battle of Ohud. Now we know why the prophet (pbuh) gave him the title " Sayef Al-Islam".....May Allah (swt) have great mercy on Khalid's sole and grant him Al-Firdoos.....Ameen.

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