"" Among the believers are men who have been true to the covenant they
had made with ALLAH. "" 33:23

Sheik Abdel-Hamid Kishik

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Who is Sheik Abdel-Hamid Kishik?

Known to be as one of the most powerful and well spoken Muslim Imams in the 20th century. Kings, presidents and government ministers feared his tongue. He was firm in his words, tough on the enemies of Islam, and yet kind and a well educated human being. He was extremely educated in the Arabic Language and its grammar, plus his wealth in the Islamic Shari'ah and the knowledge of the Qur'an puzzled his listeners and annoyed his enemies. Sheik Kishik lost sight in his left eye at age Six, and became fully and legally blind at age Sixteen, but yet, his handicap never became a hurdle or an obstacle in his Da'wah for Allah (swt).

In Allah's willing, we will outline and post; Qur'an, Hadith, and other important Islamic subjects and stories picked out and gathered from his Kutbahs and weekly classes.

Sheik Kishik's short Biography

His full name is Abdel Hamid Abdel Aziz Mohammad Kishik. In March 10, 1933 Sheik Kishik was born in small village called "Shibrakhait" in the town of "Hira", where he had lost sight in his left eye at age 6. He memorized the Holy Quran at age 13. Afterwards, he joined "Alexanderia's Institute" where he finished his Elementary Schooling, and then moved down to Cairo and joined an institute called: "Al-Ma'had Al-Thanawy" where he, and after 5 years, earned his high-school diploma with honors, since he was the top of his class. Sheik Khishik became fully blind at age 16. After finishing a 4 year program at "O'sool Al-Deen" college, a popular college in teaching the Islamic Sahri'ah and Quran that belongs to "Al-Azhar Al-Shareef", Sheik Kishik graduated with honors and was the top of his class.

Sheik Kishik represented "Al-Azhar Al-Shareef" in December 10th, 1961 in an Islamic Conference called "Eid Al-Elm". Sheik Kishik joined a higher-level school called: "Al-Tadrees Al-Aali", where he mastered the higher level of teaching the Islamic Shari'ah and "Da'wah". Finally, the ministry of religion employed Sheik Kishik as an Imam and "Khateeb" in a local mosque "Al-Taibi" and then he was transferred to another mosque called: "Masid Al-Malik" in one of the most famous suburbs in Cairo known as " Haye As-Sayyedah Zainab (ra)", or the subrab of "Sayyedah Zainab (ra)".

Sheik Kishik was sent to prison twice, once for 2 years (1966-68) and once for 1 year (1981-1982). But during his life, Sheik Kishik lived a tough life in Egypt, since his crime was calling people back to Islam, and obeying Allah's laws and boundaries.

Throughout his journey, Sheik Kishik performed regular Friday's Kutbahs and held continuos Islamic Shari'ah classes at the mosque. He wrote more than 48 books about Islam, and the majority of his Friday's Kutbahs and Islamic Classes can be found on Audio Cassettes all over the Middle East and Europe.

He used to say:

Sheik Abdel Hamid Kishik

Sheik Kishik never quit his "Dawa'ah". After he was put under house arrest, he started new wave and new way of spreading the word of Allah (swt) through splendid Islamic lectures and lessons via audio cassettes and some video cassettes, that reached the whole Islamic World.

Sheik Kishik was thrown in jail, or Hell for that matter, on grounds of declaring "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhamad Rasool Allah". The term "prison" is very generous when describing the Hell-Hole Sheik Kishik was in. It had no electricity, no air condition in Summer nor heater in Winter. No descent bathrooms, all it was few holes being dug outside prison cells filled with urine and human waste. No water for people to drink. Innocent prisoners had to wait for days just to get half cup of polluted water, and the rest of the time prisoners would drink their own urine.

Above all this, the beating continued forever and without mercy. Many Muslims died or martyred on the hands of the humble Egyptian Authority headed by its ruthless killer, Jamal Abd-Annasir. What did this leader, Jamal Abd-Annasir, do to Egypt in the first place, besides the fact of having both of his lips stuck on Moscow's Ass!! What did Anwar Sadat do to the Egyptians, and how about Mr. Mubarak! The answer is NOTHING. ….. NOTHING…… NOTHING.

Egypt was and still suffering from poverty. High level people are being bought and sold for few "Jenihs". Cities are unbelievably crowded with humans, Egyptians with no place to live in are invading the cemeteries, high ranking army officers are extending their hands for tips and kick-backs in Egyptians' airports, young women are selling their honor for a few "Jenihs", Egyptians are being treated like dogs or worse in neighboring Arab countries and finally the end result is the Egyptian identity has lost its honor and status amongst the rest of the world.

But who dares to speak up! Egyptian Authority doesn't have a sense of respect or compassion to the public in general and to the Muslim Imamas in particular, especially Imamas who cared enough by sacrificing their own life for the sake of Allah (swt) by calling people back to Islam. Sheik Kishik was an old blind man who was treated inhumanely for his Islamic beliefs. Vicious and atrocious accusations were made up against him that ended him up in jail twice in his lifetime. His last public lecture # 425 was in 1980. He was thrown in Jail that year and was released after the assassination of Anwar Assadat in 1981. After that, he was forbidden from public lectures, masjid's classes and Juma'ah Khutbah for the rest of his life.

The Islamic World lost Sheik Kishik in early 1997 at the age of 63, leaving behind a merciless struggle in calling for Islam and spreading the word of Allah (swt). Sheik Kishik was honest and to the point and he feared no one but the Almighty Allah (SWT).

He also said:

Final Note: Sheik Abdel-Hamid Kishik died while leading "Jamaa'ah" prayer in a prostrating (sujood) position.

We ask the Almighty Allah (swt) to bless Sheik Kishik's harmonious, beautiful, honest, faithful, and honorable soul, and to reward him beyond plenty in the hereafter.......Amen.

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